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Welcome to the very first edition of Gossip with The Guru where every week I'll give my thoughts on what's happening in the NRL world and hopefully you guys will enjoy and add your own thoughts and commentary. 

I've been a fan of Rugby League since I was a kid, a massive Manly fan probably because they were winning at the time and the late great Bob Fulton was my hero apart from my dad.

With State of Origin only a week away I'll start off with some chat about Game 1 in Sydney. I'm obviously a Blue's fan but I'm not too confident and it mainly centres around the halves. I'm a fan of Nicho but I think he's a confidence player and after Saturdays mauling against the Panthers and his subsequent injury I don't think he'll be that confident of steering NSW to victory. Personally I would've had Luai at 7 and Matty Burton at 6. That would've ensured that NSW have that Penrith connection between those 2 and Edwards at fullback. I really can't wait to see Edwards play at Origin level, I think he's going to tear it up. I was lucky enough to meet him last year in Kiama and apart from being a great human, he's got the biggest quads for a little fella. No wonder he punches out over 200 run metres every game.

I like the NSW pack but I would've liked to have seen Wayde Egan from the Warriors in there but I like Reece Robsons work rate but I feel Egan has that creativity that suits Origin especially after the game opens up. All in all I like the fact that Madge has picked his own squad and there won't be any excuses if we don't aim up.

What's everybody's thoughts on the best Indigenous jumper last weekend? My personal favourite was the Dragons one followed by Newcastle and then Cronulla. We sold a heap and it's always one of my favourite times of the year seeing the different designs and whether they've played it safe or showed some inspiration.

At the start of the year, I thought Penrith and Bronco's would go very close to contesting the grand final again this year. I haven't seen anything different to change my mind apart from Cronulla, Roosters and Storm showing flashes of brilliance but not the consistency to go all the way. My disappointment so far has been Souths but I'm sure Uncle Wayne will sort them out next year and have them back up the top. What's everyone else's prediction to make the grand final?

Thanks for taking the time and interest to read my first ever blog, please leave your comments and even suggestions to what you would like to see or what you think I could do better. 



Mark Jans

Mark Jans

Guru I couldn’t disagree more, where’s junior Paulo? Where’s Morgan Harper? Where’s Mitchell Moses? Where’s Ryan Matterson? Bloody hell my beloved eels get no love anywhere and I’m sick if it #ForzaItalia

Klayten Searl

Klayten Searl

Love your work Guru. You could look to interview a different person each week to get some readers opinions and hopefully grow your audience. Love it and looking forward to the next edition.

P.S Blues for the win, Tedesco to be man of the match and Brian To’o to score a double.

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